Comment Hashtags Now Searchable in Google+

Did you know that you can now place a hashtag in a comment on a Google+ post to make that post discoverable via a search for that hashtag? 

That's cool. Because now you can easily tag posts to make them more discoverable for yourself and for others. That means, for example, that I can tag one of your posts with a hashtag I think would make it easier to find, but that you hadn't thought of. 

Let's say, for example, that I was interested in linking together a series of posts comparing WordPress to Blogger. I might go in and add a #bloggervswordpress hashtag in one of my comments on your post, just as I did to this post by Mark Traphagen
Then, when I do a search on that hashtag, I see the following results, with Mark's post showing up second from the top. 

Not bad for a simple hashtag in a comment.

Thanks to Drew Sowersby, way, for making me aware of this comment hashtag functionality. He and Andrew Carpenter sound like they're up to something in terms of taking full advantage of this feature and I'm looking forward to finding out more from them on this later. It also looks like Ronnie Bincer discovered this about a month ago, but it really hasn't gotten the coverage it deserves. 

I see the potential for lots of collaborative curation via this feature. There's also the potential for a lot of spam, so I'm betting Google will have to keep a close eye on it. I'm really excited about the potential here. What ideas do you see for taking advantage of this (in a non-spammy way)?